Sydney’s best floral makers.

Six degrees is all you need. Your DJ, who looks like a 90’s real estate agent, is able to hook you up with his hairdresser. She is responsible for his slicked back under cut. She will put enough bobby pins in your hair that you can contact outer space, risking permanent neck damage. But that’s ok, because her brother, whose hobbie is massage therapy, can also fit your fiancé for his new suit. The hairdresser puts you in touch with a great photographer. She sells him the disinfectant he puts in those containers full of combs so that kids don’t get lice when he takes their school photo. He promises the classic poses such as the back-to-back shot. He then puts you in touch with his wife a cake maker. The cake maker uses her husband’s photos to put on top of your wedding cake, she says it makes a perfect personalized wedding.

Luckily THE SISTERS know none of these people and leave cellophane to the craft teachers, and mixed red roses and babies-breathe to the 80’s florist near the corner store.

bio-arrow I recommend that THE SISTERS are your girls.

Set packages aren’t their thing because every wedding is unique and they choose to tailor around budget, style and ever changing trends. They are believers that flowers are an individual expression of who you are, and this that’s why they love what they do.

THE SISTERS have spent years sharing and perfecting ideas and creations… CLICK HERE to tap into the floral goodness.